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Jun. 26th, 2008 | 03:28 pm
location: CLub Monaco
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: American Dream- Jakatta

So i seen this on my birthday and forgot to post it ..
well here it is...

Actor Graham Greene (1952) shares your birthday today. You're a quick learner. Like Gemini, you have a fast mind, but as a Cancer, you're sympathetic and tuned into the feelings of others. You are frank, direct and outspoken, and you expect honesty from others as well. After the age of 30, you're more confident and assured. Your year ahead will focus on partnerships and close friendships...

this kinda pags me on the spot i think...
does it?

Ps. I am still at a loss and am unsure...

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Here I Am.

Jun. 2nd, 2008 | 11:03 pm
location: Laundry Room
mood: confusedconfused
music: Thr Dryer

I am hanging here and you refuse to give me your hand and you don't want me to let go.

my hands are going to cramp, and slip

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Apr. 25th, 2008 | 12:08 am
location: Home
mood: calmcalm
music: orange ski-alexi murdock

1. open media library
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question type the song thats playing
5. dont lie

Maya-Whatcha gonna do?

Frou Frou-Let Go

Modest Mouse- The View

Turin Barks-Rain City

Club Music- Track 9-don't want to sleep any more.

Cray Brothers-Blue eyes

Imogen Heap- Head Lock

The Killers- Smile like you mean it

Club Music- IN this life

shine toy guns- you are the one

Fiest-my moon, my man

Gwyneth paltro- bette daves eyes

sufan stevens- to be alone with you

Hootie and the blowfish- let her cry

theivery corpration-lebanese blonde

fleetwood mac-go your own way


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Jan. 15th, 2008 | 02:41 pm
location: Club Monaco (ECC)
mood: disappointeddisappointed
music: Mesmerized (Shur-I-Kan Rmx)/ Miguel Migs

I feel like i am in alex's head wondering what the fuck is going on..


i would have never thought it would turn out like this ..

maybe i just need a breath of fresh air.?

Calgary anyone?

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full of grace

Dec. 3rd, 2007 | 01:34 am
location: Home.
mood: depresseddepressed
music: Anger is Beauty - Hawsley Workman

so me and sarah.. have been hanging out lots latly ..
you know that can't be good..
anywho.. i am sick of life
and wonder what is it that i am going to do.. hmm
well .. i guess well see what happens.

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Sep. 20th, 2007 | 11:56 am
location: Grant MacEwan
mood: tiredtired
music: Metric-Rock Me Now

I really am unsure what to do or say. i just don't know.. can i fix this?

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Aug. 21st, 2007 | 02:50 pm
location: Club Monaco.
mood: anxiousanxious
music: Club Monaco Music .oh .. this is a good song ...

Hey Guys,

Its been a little wile ..

hows everyone been?
i have been alrite. a little rolercosters ish.. heavy on the ish..
but meh .. the last two weeks have went by in a breeze. i didn't even know it was two weeks.i have been having lots of .. fun?? hahaha ha ..

i moved to clairview.. whhhhoooo.. no for real .. i am really enjoying it .. altho .. it's been a little crazy. i think things will start to calm shortly .. altho i could be wrong .. but well see...

PS JAMIE-LYNN .. YOU MOVE IN EDMONTON.. THATS RIGHT I MIGHT AS WELL BE ASIAN... BUT YOU MOVE YOU MOVE NOW!!!! ha ha ha.. but for real .. i hope you get things sorted out .. i know it will all work out for you in the end .. honstly .. your jamie .. it just does..
ps you left your jacket at my place when you came down.. i noticed it when i was taking a poo.. hah ahahah .. uh.. akaward?? hardly . h ah aha h ..

anyways.. this has been random as sin..
stay classy ft mcmurray. channel 12 news. Robert reporting from edmonton

ps.. sydney .. your cute.

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H D has struck agian.

Aug. 5th, 2007 | 04:08 am
location: Home
mood: exhaustedexhausted
music: Hilary Duff - Strager

Nobody believes me when I tell them that you're out of your mind.
Nobody believes me when I tell them that there's so much you hide.
You treat me like a queen when we go out,
wanna show everyone what our love's about.
All wrapped up in me whenever there is a crowd,
But when no ones around;

There's no kindness in your eyes,
he way you look at me, it's just not right.
I can tell whats going on this time,
Theres a stranger in my life.
You're not the person that I once knew.
Are you scared to let them know it's you?
If they could only see you like I do,
Then they would see a stranger too..

Did I ever do anything that was this cruel to you?
Did I ever make you wonder who was standing in the room?
You made yourself look perfect in everyway,
So when this goes down, I'm the one that will be blamed.
Your plan is working so you can just walk away,
Baby your secret's safe.

There's no kindness in your eyes,
he way you look at me, it's just not right.
I can tell whats going on this time,
Theres a stranger in my life.
You're not the person that I once knew.
Are you scared to let them know it's you?
If they could only see you like I do,
Then they would see a stranger too..

Such a long way back, from this place we arrived.
When I think of all the time I've wasted, I could cry..

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you know that feeling

Apr. 28th, 2007 | 01:46 pm
location: Edmonton Public Libarary
mood: contemplativeuneasy
music: taping of the keybords

"Is there even such a thing as domestic bliss? Why waste time trying to figure it out -- the only thing that truly matters is that you are happy today. Do not try for perfection -- there is no such thing. It's important to ponder the concerns you may be having about your family, but don't worry that something is terribly wrong. Life is a series of phases -- and you are going through a tumultuous one, as far as your home life is concerned. Don't worry; it will be over soon"

did you ever get that feeling that something in your life is about to happen? good or bad? well i have that sicking feeling right now .. and i am unshure if i can handel it.
i honestly feel like something is going to come crashing down. and am i ready? .. i really don't think so this time.

i just hope that this is a phases .. because i am in no mood.

stay classy fort mcmurray.
robert channel 4 news from edmonton.

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Apr. 27th, 2007 | 09:51 pm
location: Jeremys
mood: calmcalm
music: the T.V.

i like this quiz it was nifty

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